Filiz Steel Products was established in 1966 under the leadership of Ismail Filiz in 1996. With the experience of long years and versatile knowledge of various branches of the sector, Filiz Steel Products made a tremendous preface to a rapidly growing technology and business life after incorporating the Ankara centered Fil-Ka; Filiz Steel Doors brand in 1994. Day by day becoming involved in construction sector, Filiz Steel Doors rapidly grew into a pioneering authority brand with its quality conceptions and innovations in the sector.


    Filiz Steel Doors set up with the passion of achieving perfection and have stepped forward by defining the perfection again and again in every activity and in every pace. Filiz Steel Doors has a production in accordance with EC, ISO 9001:2000, TSE and European Standards with a tech-savvy and innovation-pioneer dynamic team in a manufactory with a 7500 m2 indoor area that gathers steel finishing, dyeing and woodwork units under a single roof.


    Adopting the “Door to Perfection” motto as a service mentality, Filiz Steel Doors has become into possession of a large nationwide network of vendors with its passion for perfection in manufacturing and service. By also proving its quality and reliability in abroad by the courtesy of the institutional structuring formed, Filiz Steel Doors exports nearly %30 of its production to countries in five continents. Filiz Steel Doors, bringing its durable, qualified, modern and elegant products together with its clients at home and abroad, has relations with the customers that can not be limited to sales and products.

    All the products with the brand of Filiz Steel Doors experience quality control inspections from the first step of manufacture to the transportation and assembly steps. The products are delicately assembled by expert and experienced personnel. With permanent and innovative solutions, Filiz Steel Doors analyses the needs and expectations of the customers and follows the Efficient Collaboration Policy with its manufacturing and post-sales services.

    While always aiming to progress and develop, Filiz Steel Doors became the pioneer and authority brand of the sector with its passion. Filiz Steel Doors is the door of the past to future, of Turkey to world, and of today’s achievements to new horizons. As the founder Ismail Filiz always says, “No herbs grow without roots!”. That’s why Filiz Steel Doors will always be protector of its roots and a brand preserving its dynamism and determination for growing, worthy of its name. The dignity and responsibility given by its 60 year old roots and quality tradition is the most important warranty to carry the name “FİLİZ” to the future.

    • Merkez:

       Kazım Karabekir Cad. Kültür Han No: 7/25 Ulus       ANKARA / TÜRKİYE

       T: +90 (312) 342 04 04 - +90 (312) 342 04 18  F: +90 (312) 341 99 85

    • Çankırı Şube:

       Atatürk Bulvarı No: 40/A                                   ÇANKIRI / TÜRKİYE

       T: +90 (376) 213 22 92 - +90 (376) 212 23 26  F: +90 (376) 213 27 74

    • Fabrika:

       Çankırı - Ankara Karayolu, 2. km.                        ÇANKIRI / TÜRKİYE

       T: +90 (376) 213 10 00 - +90 (376) 213 30 00  F: +90 (376) 213 16 00

    • Gebze Şube:

       Hacı Halil Mah. Bağdat Cad. No: 422/B              GEBZE/İZMİT/TÜRKİYE

       T: +90 (262) 644 44 11  F: +90 (262) 644 44 11